Greening the Internet with Greenie Web.

Our groundbreaking solution revolutionizes the digital decarbonization movement. Partner with us to identify, analyse and rectify your digital carbon footprint.

About Us

Greenie Web is the first pioneer of the Digital Carbon Emissions Calculator and Rectifier. A ground-breaking solution that revolutionizes digital decarbonization.

Greenie Web covers the entire suite of digital decarbonization services: identification, analysis, and dual rectification. The software strongly supports the Net Zero blueprints of businesses worldwide through robust processes that remedy more than 30 unique factors involved in digital carbon emissions.


With more than 4.7 billion people using the internet, the carbon emissions generated by this industry have skyrocketed over the past two decades. Estimates show that carbon emissions directly related to the internet, also known as digital carbon emissions, are roughly equal to the CO2 emitted by the entire aviation industries.

With more people coming online in the next decade and mass digital adoption by companies, there is a pressing need for a digital solution that can mitigate the effects of this pending surge of carbon emissions.

Image Compression

Greenifying your media by compressing your images

4K UHD Image

(4160 X 5027 pixel)

CO2 emission

59129g per annum

Reducing CO2 emissions

CO2 saving is 96.2%

Greenified Image

(4160 X 5027 pixel)

CO2 emission

2114g per annum

Frame Rate

Greenifying your media by changing your frame rate

Ultra HD Giphy

(168 FPS)

CO2 emission

10069g per annum

Reducing CO2 emissions

CO2 saving is 33.4%

Standard HD Image

(112 FPS)

CO2 emission

8055g 112/// per annum


Greenifying your media by restructuring your Backend